Refugee Crisis

In 2015 the number of asylum seekers in the EU doubled. Europe has over 1.1 million people who have risked life and limb to cross the Mediterranean in search of a safe and secure future.
Their only hope is for a life that doesn’t include bombings, being shot at, losing loved ones, having no access to medical treatment or basic medicines, food, water…the list goes on.

But unfortunately managing to reach Europe is only the beginning of their struggle and trauma. They are then exposed to the effects of awful weather conditions with many not even owning a decent waterproof coat. Many will spend days walking. Exhausted and traumatized they will then be subjected to waiting for days for registration.

The lucky ones get to sleep in a cold damp tent while the rest sleep out in the open. The physical effects are clear to see but the most worrying are the underlying mental scars that these people carry and even worse is the fact that 40% of them are children. They should be experiencing food, shelter, warmth, laughter and play. For many Syrian children conflict is all they have ever known after four years of war within their country.

For them the anguish and uncertainty does not end when they reach Europe. Their journey is not over. Food and clean water is still limited at best. Their basic needs are not guaranteed to be met due to the large numbers that are making their way across Europe. What they need is help and support to make this part of their journey slightly less of a nightmare.

That’s where we can help. Ordinary folk who can lend a helping hand. Any donation large or small can have a big impact on refugee children and their families that have little or nothing.




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