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We are a UK based charity helping Refugees across Europe. The Refugee crisis has displaced millions of people across the continent with countries like Greece being impacted the most.

War, persecution and the daily threat of violence forced over a million people to flee to Europe last year alone. Hundreds of thousands of refugees made the dangerous journey to cross the Mediterranean. This year alone over 230,000 people, at least half of them children risk their lives to many of them fleeing the war in Syria that has devastated their country. In six months alone more than 2,800 people have drowned. Those that make the treacherous journey often arrive injured, traumatised, often alone and with nothing.
Greece has been the front line for those arriving in Europe, this sudden influx of Refugees together with the country’s economic challenges has resulted in large number of refugees, often children suffering due to a lack of basic shelter, food and provisions.

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